We are creators of 360° ‘Virtual Reality’ Video

Immersive 360° video and virtual reality experiences are here and it’s easier than you might imagine.


We are premium creators of 360° VR video content for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard as well as Facebook & Youtube 360° on any mobile device.

  • Revolutionary stitching-artefact free 360° video production using high-end cinema cameras
  • Mountable 360° camera arrays for drone aerials and unique positions
  • Industry pioneering post-production techniques including motion graphics, 3D compositing and rigging removal
  • Motion control systems for camera movement
  • Full service commercial production experience including location, talent and production coordination services.

The user experience

The user is in complete control of where they look as they video plays. Sophisticated Head Mounted Displays (HMD’s) like the Oculus Rift are not necessary as Youtube has now enabled 360° video on Chrome browsers and most mobile devices through the YouTube App. This experience is easy to achieve and accessible by most.

For trade show type experiences, the video content is also compatible with more advanced HMD’s, as well as the inexpensive Google Cardboard HMD.

Engage as never before

Provide your audience with a powerful viewing experience they’ll remember. 360° immersive auditory and visual experiences will connect with your audience on a whole new level – Watch your viewer engagement soar. VR technology is new and novel: be an early adopter and gain a unique marketing advantage over competitors. 360° video and VR experiences are ideally suited to tourism experiences, training, events and education. Let’s bring your story to life.

The future is here

We use a specialised camera array to film in every direction simultaneously. Most situations, indoor or outdoor, can be rigged for smooth 360° filming. During post-production, high quality sound engineering, colour grading and seamless stitching are crucial to ensure a flawless viewing experience. 360° video and virtual reality experiences can be shared via YouTube in Chrome and most mobile devices and are compatible with commonly available VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. Your company branding can even be added to customised headsets.

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